Health Care Systems Reforms


Paper requirements: Approximately 8-10 pages double spaced.  Please use APA style citation/referencing. References are not included in the page requirement.

Case Study– You have been hired as an analyst by the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and your first assignment is to write a summary of:

  1. The most significant positive impacts of health reform and what are likely to be its most serious problems
  2. Innovative ways to improve healthcare quality, contain costs, and maximize access to care going forward.

This summary will be presented to leadership of HHS Agencies and Offices to facilitate efforts of health reform (health system improvement) in the US.

Main question from students: what is the best approach to writing this paper and answering the above question? Specifically, is it best to provide a general discussion of health reform OR use specific examples?

Suggestion: I suggest giving an overview of the functions, structures, and key challenges of health systems and discussing examples of reform efforts in the US and other nations. You may choose to discuss reform efforts/health care approach of one or several other nations.

Below are points to generate thoughts to assess how the US and/or other Nations accomplish desired outcomes of their health system.

  • What is a health system and what are its functions?
  • Various approaches and models of health systems
  • Roles of different actors in the health system
  • How health systems are organized and managed
  • How health systems meet or fail to meet the health needs of populations
  • Key health system issues
  • How those issues might be addressed in cost-effective ways

In writing this paper, please utilize content of the textbook, supplemental readings posted below, and external credible sources to help generate thoughts and produce a substantive paper.  The below readings will provide an overview of health systems components and approaches used to improve cost, quality, etc. Please also carefully review grading criteria to address required elements of the paper.  

Supplemental readings:

Niles_Basics of the US Healthcare System Third Edition_2018.pdf

Jonas and Kovner ACA Chapter Supplement.pdf

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