Health issue and policy addressed

Purpose:  This assignment involves an unbiased “pro” and “con” analysis of a controversial health care issue using scholarly sources (within the past 5 years) to support both views.  In addition, the assignment requires identification and summary of a current legislative bill related to the issue.  The paper will include a discussion of how the issue and the bill impact nursing practice in the MSN role.  The purpose of this assignment is not to explain one’s own perspective, but to provide quality information so that a reader may make an objective decision.

Instructions:  The student will use the following instructions and rubric to guide development of each section of the assignment.

The legalization of cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes may not be chosen.  

  1. Select a controversial health care issue which relates to a bill currently under consideration by a state or federal legislative body. Briefly describe the issue and relate its significance to both sides of the controversy in a short paragraph (5-7 sentences).  This issue may relate to your area of expertise.
  2. Identify the arguments for (pro) and against (con) the issue. An issue involves conflicting views and perspectives about which there is continuing disagreement. Issues usually have no “easy” or “right” answers. This section should present both “sides” of the issue using information available from research and experts (scholarly sources within the past 5 years). Epidemiologic evidence should be included to support both pro and con arguments with intext citations. Students should distinguish between facts and opinions.
  3. Summarize the bill currently under consideration by a legislative body regarding the selected issue. This bill can be at the federal or state level, but it must be clearly identified.  There are many websites to explore current federal and state bills. A good place to begin is:

My Area of expertise is mental health/Behavioral health. My Master program is for mental health Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (MHPNP). So the bill would be better if it is related to mental health. Here is a suggestion I found:

but it might not have much for you to write.

You can definitely use your own if you find a current pending bill that has more resources for you.


but this bill does not seem like it was active anymore.

  1. Discuss how the issue and the corresponding legislation impact MHPNP practice (include a scholarly source) (within the past 5 years). Summarize a professional nursing organizations’ stance on MHPNP involvement with the issue (ANA or nursing specialty organization), or summarize a scholarly article describing how master- prepared nurses are involved with the issue.
  2. Five paragraphs for 3 pages and an APA formatted Reference list of all sources used for the assignment.

Total Points: 100

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