Healthcare Communication

Healthcare Communication
1. Describe the common barriers to effective communication. What are some methods to overcome these barriers?
2. The Board of Directors of Sebago Lake Medical Group (a fictitious organization) has approved a new compensation program that will affect all 184 nonprovider employees. Some employees will receive a significant increase in salary, some will receive a small increase, and some will have no increase.
Develop a communication plan to inform all employees of how this change will impact them. For this case study material from the textbook and lecture
notes will be helpful, but independent thinking is encouraged. Put yourself in the role of a senior leader or a board member; how can senior leadership explain
this important change to engender understanding and support? Also, put yourself in the role of an employee affected by the change; what do you want to
know? How do you want to be informed? What communication methods would increase your understanding and support?
3. Explain to a new employee the importance of participating in system-wide committees and the value of networking with others within and outside of the

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