Healthcare Firm Financial Position

Firm Financial Position or Not?
In this scenario, you have recently been appointed as a board member to the Hospital System.
You are a labor law attorney who has worked for the hospital for nearly 10 years. Now, you must
help to determine whether the hospital should consider a bond to finance a major hospital
renovation bond.
Click the link below to view the scenario, and then return to this assignment to submit your
Identify the factors you believe to be most critical to consider during this renovation bond decision.
Summarize your decision.
Identify and describe the information that was used to make the decision.
Your paper should be 1–2 pages in length and use APA formatting and citation.
Your textbook may be used as a reference. The APA format for your text is as follows:
Nowicki, M. (2015). Introduction to the financial management of healthcare organizations (6th
ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.
Due: Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time)
Points: 50
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To view the scenario, click the link “Firm Financial Position or Not?” below. Then return to this
assignment to submit your paper.
Week 5: Firm Financial Position or Not?

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