Healthy People 2030 Discussion

The topics have already been grouped into 4 categories and you must include a discussion related to one topic from each group in your submission.

Community Health Topics:

Access to Health Services

Education & Community Programs

Environmental Health

Food Safety

Global Health

Hearing, Sensory, or Communication


Injury & Violence Prevention

Medical Product Safety

Public Health Infrastructure

Preparedness (CPR etc)


Preventive Care Topics:

Blood Disorders and Blood Safety

Healthcare Associated Infections

Health Communication & Health

Information Technology

Mental Health & Mental Disorders

Occupational Safety & Health


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sleep Health



Disease Management:

Arthritis, Osteoporosis, & Chronic Back



Chronic Kidney Disease


Disability & Health

Dementias & Alzheimer’s Disease

Heart Disease & Stroke


Older Adults

Respiratory Diseases

Substance Use

Tobacco Use


Family & Youth Health Topics:

Adolescent Health

Early & Middle Childhood

Family Planning

Immunization & Infectious Diseases

LGBT Health

Maternal, Infant, & Child Health

Nutrition & Weight Status

Oral Health

Physical Activity

Social Determinants of Health


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