Hotel Food and Beverage Management

of the tragedy was spreading rapidly throughout
the property. The store was immediately
closed and the area around the sandwich shop
cordoned off. In trying to assess the situation,
Morgan discovered the following:
1. When the young boy hit the floor, the
puddle of bloody excrement splattered
everywhere—even hitting other guests
who were in line.
2. One of the employees, who probably reacted
without thinking, began to clean up
the mess with her bare hands.
3. The identities of the father and son were
not known.
4. A reporter from the local newspaper was
a guest at the food court that day and
wanted comments on what happened.
Suggest a plan for Morgan’s handling of
the situation.
Section 6.10  Case Study: Outside the Box in the Food and Beverage Division 299
Points to Consider
• Involvement of the health department?
• Notification of the brand’s corporate
• Condition of the boy?
• Clean-up process?
• Treatment of contaminated items?
• Handling affected guests and employees?
• Methods to reassure resort guests?
• When to reopen and resume business as
• Implications of what happened—short
and long term?
• Role of the resort’s crisis team?
• Training gaps?

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