How the media covers the environment and climate change to the public

Topic: How are the environment and climate change viewed and discussed in the media
how the news media disseminates information to a broader public. For this assignment, your goal is to analyze the press coverage of your specific political issue. Throughout your analysis, it may be helpful to conduct an examination of how different media platforms cover the same issue. The details of the assignment are explained below.
Section 1: Introduction
The first portion of your essay should be your introduction. Remember, a successful introduction invites the reader into your essay with an engaging, concise, and organized argument. Generally speaking, this involves an attention-getter that will peak the interest of a reader. Next, you will want to introduce your topic. Make sure that you also have a thesis statement and describe the major sections of your essay with a preview.
Section 2: Platform Context/Analysis
In the second section of your essay, you will want to provide an overview of the media platform(s) that you are examining. You are not required to analyze multiple media platforms, but you should describe the organization’s history and evolution. Specifically, you should include what kinds of biases the media organization(s) are slanted towards, how these biases appear in their coverage, and how these biases are related to the text(s) that you are analyzing.
Another object of analysis may also be the sponsors of the media platform. What kinds of advertisements does this organization show to their audience?
Does the platform provide any sponsors for their content? What is the relationship between the issue that you are examining and the monetization of the program? You do not need to address all these questions, but some of them may aid your argument.
Section 3: Textual Analysis
This is where the analysis of your issue will take place. The question that you are going to answer in this portion of your essay is: How does this program frame my political issue? Is there a rhetorical strategy that is most salient throughout the programming of this issue? How do multiple rhetorical strategies come together to persuade or dissuade their audiences? Are the pundits of the program debating the issue or agreeing on the issue? Again, not all of these questions need to be answered, but a few of them may help you start thinking about what to look for in the text.
Section 4: Conclusion
In the final section of your essay, review your main points, restate your thesis, and end on a meaningful note.
No Plagiarism and cite both in text and make a work cited

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