How to Critique Qualitative Research Article

1. Grammar /
Punctuation / Neatness / Scholarly use of Terminology

2. APA Format

3. Review of the Introduction includes:
– Problem Statement
– Purpose
– Research Questions
– Congruent with the research tradition

4. Review of the Literature includes:
-Based on sound research
-Current within 5 years
– Primary sources
-Supports the research project

5. Review of Theoretical or Conceptual Framework includes:
-Support the intent of the research

6. Review of Methodology includes:
-Description of ideological perspective, if applicable
– Design
– Sampling Methods
– Limitations
– Setting
– Sampling strategy and size appropriately chosen

– Inclusion and exclusion criteria
-Key characteristics of the sample
-Description of the phenomenon, if applicable
– Saturation
-Data Collection methods and recordings
-Analysis of data

7. Review of the Results section includes:
– Data Analysis Methods
-Emerging Themes
-Conceptual Model drawn or described
-Efforts to enhance the quality of data
– Trustworthiness, integrity
– Authentic reality

8. Review of the Discussion section includes:
-Limitations of the study
-Limitations in credibility

9. Student’s introduction to the paper

10. Review of the Abstract includes:

11. Review of the Implications for Nursing

12. Review of the Future Research implications

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