How to write discussion board response post help

Reply to the 3 students as if you were having a conversation with them. they wrote their post based on the article in the file.

The other file is the rubric

Discussion Board posts are a great way to demonstrate understanding of the material. Additionally, communicating with fellow students by reading and responding to each other’s posts is the best way to promote learning and provoke insightful thoughts to the material.

The grading rubric for discussion board postings is shown below.

In general, EXCELLENT discussion postings are 3-5 paragraphs in length and 1) present an initial idea or position, 2) support and/or explain the idea/position, 3) compare/contrast the idea or position with other contributions to the thread (from other classmates), and 4) include references to the text, assigned reading material, OR other supporting material on the internet or in the literature.

No contributions for the week = 0% on the assignment.

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