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Each student will be asked to design a study. (The study should not be carried out.) The paper describing the study should be written in APA style and should contain:

1) a title page;

2) an abstract;

3) an introduction (with at least five references);

4) a method section (in which the design is explained);

5) a results section, in which mention is made of which statistic would be used to analyze the data if data were collected (but do not makeup data);

6) a brief discussion section; and

7) a references section. The report should be approximately seven pages long, though the exact length of each section will be discussed in more detail during class. Do not use websites as citations. ***Please do NOT “make up” fake results. This is a proposal of what study you would do if you were allowed, not what you have done. Thus, the abstract, methods, and results sections should be written in future tense.

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