Hypertension Greater than Myocardial Infarction

Totals          Comments by Instructor
Disease Description

–          Asthma-> Pneumonia or

–          Hypertension>MI

Pathophysiology ___/ 4  
Pharmacology ____/4  
Assessment _____/4  
Lab and Diagnostic Tests _____/2  
Nursing Care _____/4  

–           Grammar and punctuation (1)

–           APA format (title and reference page, in text citation) (1)

–           Punctuation (1)

–           References: Include at minimum 2, one can be your textbook (1)

–           Length 3-5 pages

.*Your instructor has the right to use the Turn It In program to check for plagiarism of this document. Please refer to Academic Misconduct in the syllabus.    

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