Implementing a Health IT System

Select a health care setting within which to implement an electronic medical record product. Be
as specific as possible.
Examples of health care delivery settings are as follows: a small community hospital, a rural
primary care clinic, a home health agency, a medical unit within a correctional facility, a large
multi-facility urban hospital system, or a specialty physician’s office such as oncology or
Consider choosing a setting that you currently work in or would like to work in later on in your
Describe this health care setting, the patient population it serves, the volume of patients that it
serves, the needs of the setting, etc.
Identify a health care information system to meet the needs of this facility. Is there a vendor who
offers such a system, or is a custom solution needed? Provide details.
Include the all necessary elements in the proposal:

Capabilities of the system, how the system aligns with the needs of the health care facility, initial
and maintenance costs of the system, staff needs to support the system, the timeline and plan
for implementation of the system, the strategy for introducing staff to the system, getting buy-in
and cooperation, providing training, and how privacy, security, and confidentiality will be
Identify three to five (3-5) potential barriers in implementing the system and describe how you
would work around those barriers.
locate at least three (3) quality resources to use in this assignment

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