Interventional Radiography Modality

The research assignment paper must address (but are not limited to) the following objectives:

• History of the modality selected including the most current generation of the modality
• At least two to three pathologies/conditions/ traumas that are best demonstrated by this modality and why the modality is chosen to assess a pathology or condition or trauma
• Include a brief description of the pathologies/conditions or traumas being highlighted based on modality chosen
• Accurate explanation of the components of the equipment, how images are produced and a basic overview of the modality
• Patient education- how to best explain the modality in a manner that a patient will comprehend. This should include:
• explanation of the type of energy used (radioactive energy or ultrasound waves or magnetic energy or combination of particulate radiation and ionizing radiation etc) and the impact or lack of impact on the human body from this energy
• As part of the patient education component of this paper, explaining the process of what the patient will be experience and addressing the potential side effects should be included as well as contraindications.
• A description of how the procedures are performed, if contrast is used, number and type of images produced.
• Radiographic findings of the pathology
• The submitted paper should be 4-8 pages, double-spaced, 12 font size plus a reference page. The cover page and reference page do not count as part of the required number of pages.

Students MUST use at least three literary references.

Reference page should include:

Author(s) last name, Name of Book, Article, Year and date, publisher

Suggestions and hints on how to organize your paper.
• Pick a modality or specific conditions/pathology that interests you.
• Divide your paper into sections (for example):

History of modality
Pathologies/Conditions/trauma (at least two) with descriptions

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