Job Description Contract Assignment

Job Description Contract Assignment

  1. Describe your “ideal” practice situation. (5 points)
  2. List/discuss your preferences for each of the following using these headings

(5 points each).  You must address each item.


2.1 Scope of services to be performed
2.2 Compensation
2.3 Duration of employment
2.4 How the agreement can be altered or updated
2.5 Responsibility to maintain credentials
2.6 Terms of on-call responsibilities, backup
2.7 Benefits
2.8 Time-off
2.9 Vacation time
2.10 Amount of time off and expenses for continuing education
2.11 Who pays for malpractice insurance
2.12 Number of office hours each week
2.13 Restriction on competition
2.14 Bonuses
2.15 Reasons for termination
2.16 Extent of support services (staff, etc.) to be offered the NP
2.17 Expectations regarding nonclinical work to be done by NP
2.18 How/when performance is evaluated

References listed in APA 6th edition format (2nd printing) : at least 2 professional references

Document may be single-spaced, and Section 2 content may be listed under each heading as incomplete sentences.


Description of practice situation                       5 points

Preferences/ choices                                      90 points (address all, each section 5 points)

APA, grammar, spelling                                    5 points

Total                                                               100 points


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