Key Demographic Characteristics of a Population for Study in Sociology

Students will submit the same template from the first two steps in writing their Community Case Study,
with any needed corrections from instructor feedback. This template will need to be developed in current
APA Professional Paper format and should include the following additions:
Using the headings you included in the Module 2 Community Case Study Part 1 submission, provide a
well-supported (i.e., cited with those identified references you submitted in Module 4 Community Case
Study Part 2), thoroughly explored, effectively written response to those headings. Be sure to include
Biblical integration throughout the paper. This portion of the case study should be 5-6 pages in length, not
including the title page, abstract, or reference section.
• Description of the Population (what are the national statistics for this population as well
as the community statistics? What does the literature tell you about the population in
general? What are the diversity considerations you need to address?)
• Identification of Need (what is the gap, need, or coalition need? What statistics can you
find for who is receiving/not receiving the services in the community?)
• Intervention Strategies (what does the literature tell you about evidenced-based
treatments for this population/clinical need?)
• Resiliency Factors (what does the literature tell you about strengths and resiliency factors
for this population? what helps promote change?)

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