Leadership and Management Reflective Summary Paper

Critically reflect on the learning activities you were engaged in throughout this course. Comprehensively defend how you met each of the following Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN)-based student learning outcomes (SLOs) through the completion of learning assignments. Provide at least one excellent example of a learning activity that helped you meet each SLO. How did the activity relate to the QSEN competency identified in the SLO? If you feel an outcome was not accomplished, explain why and what changes in the course could be made to accomplish it. Be sure to include all learning activities completed in this course. This reflection should be 1-2 pages in length, with no errors in APA formatting, grammar, or spelling. It must be well-organized and grammatically correct. Review the grading rubric. This and all other reflection summaries for each course in the program will be included in the e-portfolio required in the final course of this program.
1. Discuss the significance of evidence-based principles of leadership and management to promote the efficient performance of the health care team (EBP & T/C)

2. Characterize the responsibility inherent in leader/manager nursing roles related to assuring quality in the delivery of patient-centered care (PCC)

3. Participate in a quality improvement process (QI)


4. Explore the role of the nurse leader/manager as an integral member of the interdisciplinary team (T/C)

5. Elaborate on methods to promote a culture of safety within the health care team or organization (S)

6. Explore the facilitation of information dissemination throughout an organization (I)

Provide a paragraph or two in which you critically and comprehensively appraise your own progress through the course, as well as your personal strengths and weaknesses. Clearly present strong strategies to maintain strengths and overcome weaknesses, and provide a timeline in which you should complete these strategies.

Explore a potential Professional Organization website that you are interested in becoming a member of. Then:
• Provide a brief summary of what the organization is about and why you believe this will advance your career.
• Discuss a time management or stress reduction technique you have utilized or learned about in your time as a BSN student that will help you as you move forward.
• Post two career goals and strategies for obtaining those goals.


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