Learning team script project (communication theories).

To bring communication theories to life, each learning team will write a script in which a key
communication theory is portrayed.
The goal of the project is to bring your chosen theory to life and, thereby, increase everyone’s
understanding and application of the theoretical elements. The dialogue and action in your
script is to reflect the principles of the communication theory you have chosen. If we were in a
classroom, you and your team would be acting out this script, so please consider this as a
written “skit.” Follow the step-by-step directions for the project described below in the weekly

For this assignment complete the 5 page script from the previous assignment. The details of
the script are below.

To adequately reflect the chosen theory of face negotiation, the script will be based in a
workplace setting, specifically a health care clinic. The communication will take place between
two laboratory technicians and a doctor, all from differing cultural and ethical backgrounds.
Our script will discuss how these differing faces work together to overcome conflict in a
business standpoint, as well as a healthcare standpoint.


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