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A Literature Review essay challenges you to compose a presentation that meets the following specifications:
1. Analyze the research methods and/or findings of at least five current, academically respectable
2. Identify patterns, themes and/or trends across these sources that help you begin to map your selected issue in terms of points of agreement and areas of debate or uncertainty;
3. Draw and explain a reasonable conclusion about how this current research might be or become
significant to a student (such as yourself) who is entering this field of study.
To write the Literature Review essay, you’ll need to read and work with a total of FIVE current peer
reviewed articles on that topic in your field.
Your task in writing the Literature Review is this: synthesize the content information you understand
from these five articles, and draw a conclusion from your synthesis. to synthesize is to study a group of
data resources (in this case, your articles are that group of data resources) and identify the following:
1. common ideas among two or more of the articles
2. conflicts or divergences among two or more of the articles
3. other relationships (such as one expands the other’s point further) among two or more articles
4. and significant outliers. “Outliers” are ideas that are unique to one source but somehow
important to the common topic that connects them all. For example, one of your sources—
perhaps the most recent article—might identify a new solution to a problem that the other
sources have been unable to overcome. Or, one article might offer a point that you feel is
important but that none of the other articles raised.
Your Literature Review synthesis will likely focus more on the content of your articles, though you are
free to write about other trends the articles may suggest to you, such as methods of research that seem
to be under debate or emerging. Make a list of the common ideas, the conflicts, the other relationships
and the outliers that your study of these five articles has produced. Then think about what you have
learned from your study. What point can you make?

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