Luckin Coffee Accounting Fraud Case Study

Research Report Format:
• Title Page – The front cover page must include the module name and author name with
the research title.
• Research Declaration – The work which you have submitted is all yours and the
information/ data given in the report is authentic.
• Research Acknowledgement – Thank all those who helped you during the research.
• Table of content / Index
• Table of Figures
• Executive Summary / Abstract – A brief summary of the research.
Chapter 1: Introduction – 500 Words
First give Overview of the topic such as Brief history of the company and issue
1.1 Background of the Study (3 previous authors’ work linked to the topic/ issue).
1.2 Problem Statement (when the issue started and how it affected the company and its
1.3 Research Objectives – it should be linked with the problem statement (3 objectives).
Chapter 2: Literature Review – 2000 words
A critical review of the relevant literature and the development of a research gap(literature
review should be linked with the research objectives and the problem statement)
• No need to give selected company’s related information.
• Minimum 15 authors work.
Chapter 3: Methodology – 1000 words
3.1 Research Method – Exploratory, Descriptive or Casual research – Justification needed
3.2 Data Type – is it qualitative or quantitative – Justification needed
3.3 Sample Size and Sample Method – sample size must be more than 30 and the sampling
method can be simple random sampling, convenience sampling, stratified sampling, etc.
3.4 Data Sources – Discuss and justify why you have taken the secondary and primary research?
3.5 Target Population – who are interested to participate in the survey such as customers,
employees, top management, etc depends on the research issue.
3.6 Ethical Consideration – As a researcher, you need to ensure the quality and integrity of your
research such as Participants are participating voluntarily, Data will be kept confidential
Chapter 4 – Findings and Analysis – 1500 words
1. You need to make 15 questions based on the issue and research objectives – Make sure
your questionnaire covers the research objectives.
2. For each question, you need to make graph or chart and then give interpretation under
each chart and graph – Give figure numbers as well.
3. Conclusion will be given based on the analysis and you need to cover the research
objectives in the conclusion that whether the research objectives are achieved or not.
Chapter 5 – Recommendations and Action Plan – 1000 words
Here, you need to give 3 recommendations based on the conclusion and,for each
recommendation, you need to give its action plan, that how a company can use/ implement
that recommendation.
Gantt chart/ Timeline Chart – Planning and scheduling the tasks such as which tasks to be
performed and when it should be done?
Chapter 6 – References – It must be in Harvard Style.
Appendix: Questionnaire

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