Management, environmental, planning and controlling, organizing and leading


Topic for Research Project. Please select one Engineering Management specific area from the areas of management, environmental, planning and controlling, organizing and leading. Specific area can be organizational culture, globalization, diversity, or etc. You must demonstrate conceptual understanding of engineering management principles to a selected topic of yours. You must be able to address at least following:

  • Find minimum 3 journal papers based on your selected Engineering Management topic.
  • Provide understanding about the topic and relate the topic with engineering management principles.
  • Discuss why your selected topic is important in Engineering Management.
  • Provide answers to what could be the grand challenges of Engineering Managers in that specific field.
  • Provide answers to what could be the future consideration in that specific areas.
  • Discuss how engineering management students can improve themselves to address these challenges in that specific area.

Research Project Report Requirements

Please write your research paper report according to following format:

  1. Introduction
  2. Brief literature review about Engineering Management concept in that specific area.
  3. Discussion about special attention areas (identified above)
  4. Conclusion
  5. References


  1. The length of the research paper should be somewhere in the range of 3-5 pages.
  2. Please use 12 point as sizing
  3. Please use your own words when you are writing. Do not copy and paste from the references.
  4. Please named your project as lastname_firstname_INEN4369_Project


The research paper report will be evaluated on these primary areas:

  • Demonstrate conceptual understanding of engineering management principles.
  • Demonstrate the ability to relate engineering management with management principles.
  • Demonstrate your ability to make judgement about the specific topic as engineering manager.
  • Demonstrate your critical thinking ability.

Present results in a well-organized and compelling written document.

  1. Response Content: The degree to which the writing response demonstrates understanding of basic course concepts presented in the course text and class sessions.
  2. Response Depth: The degree to which the requirement response demonstrates sophistication in thinking, synthesis, and application of concepts developed in the course.
  3. Response Organization: The effectiveness of the response in providing clear organization, well-developed support, and consistent logic for arguments and positions taken.
  4. Written Presentation: The degree to which responses are “cleanly” written and it should be graduate level (free from errors in usage, citation, spelling, etc.).



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