Managing Global Pandemics – SARS, H5N1, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, COVID-19 Pandemic etc

Global Healthcare Disasters -COVID-19

COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness

COVID-19 Pandemic. Is the world handing it well?

Components of the Final Paper
Students must address all content areas, found below, in their paper. If the specific content
area(s) are not relevant to your disaster situation, please address this, within the body of your
paper that the content areas were not applicable.
If your specific situation is not applicable, when you type that section of the paper, please
indicate that the specific area was not applicable to your situation. You must address each of the
content areas, as outlined below, whether applicable or not. You will lose points if all of the areas
are not mentioned in your paper. A specific content area may not be relevant to you, however, if
you do not indicate that the content area is not applicable, I won’t know if the content area is not
applicable, or if you simply forgot to address the content area.

If your topic is not an actual disaster situation, for the content areas that need to be researched,
you may indicate how the specific areas of content could or would be impacted by the specific
topic of research, if the content area is not from a real disaster situation. (For example, the type
of disaster and consequences to the community, you would indicate the type of disaster you are
writing about and then potential areas of impact to the community, if not an actual disaster.)
Content areas
Introduction of topic
Why this topic is of special interest to you
How this topic would impact the community either locally, nationally or internationally
Literature review
Review at least 3 journal articles, you can use the journal article review assignment as a guide
for reviewing the article. How does it apply to your topic, why is this article relevant to your paper.
You should have quotes in the other sections of the paper.
Address all of these topics in your plan (whether applicable, or not)
Type of disaster and consequences to local, national, or international community
How the public health department became involved in the disaster
The role that federal agencies (Homeland Security, Health & Human Services, etc.) played in the
disaster situation AND then address 2 of the following:
The system of communication employed in the disaster situation.
The actual, or potential, psychosocial impacts of disaster to the individual, responders, or the
The actual, or potential, environmental health issues that resulted, or may result, from the disaster. How were the environmental health issues managed?
How people with disabilities, or others with access and functional needs, were managed.
The actual, or potential ethical considerations produced in the disaster situation.
An evaluation of how the disaster was managed, from your point of view.
Conclusion (this should tie everything together, could also mention future research that could be
done etc._)
Reference page

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