Managing Team Challenges as a Leader

The challenge for this chapter presents a case of a manager who must implement several unpopular changes that he/she does not agree with and that comes on the heels of other recent changes. There has been no input into the change and it is implemented top-down. None of the recommended processes for successful change in this chapter have been implemented. There has not been a period of unfreezing, although some of the changes may be appropriate, and there was little freezing last time the change was announced.
The case is relatively typical of what mid-level leaders face in many organizations. They are charged with putting in places changes without much warning or
input. Imagine you are the manager in this situation.
1. Describe two (2) ways that you could you approach the team.
2. How much of your personal feeling should you share? Provide one (1) supporting fact to justify your position.
3. Describe four (4) key actions that you should take.

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