Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA)

This week, you learned about beginning to form the strategic plan, and to address the critical issues facing the organization. On page 93 of your text, you are given an example of a white paper that documents the approach to a strategic plan initiative documentation.

For this week, you will research Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA). Use the White Paper Worksheet to complete the analysis of this strategic initiative. You will need to use at least 2 external sources to support your work

Issue Definition and Background and Situation Description

Dr. Jane Doe has participated in quality initiatives, but nothing very formal, and she has not submitted any data. Without anything formal, and with the passing of MACRA as it is proposed, she will not be able to bill for Medicare services unless she changes her practice.
• Some physicians have decided to be employed by larger group practices, and have the impacts of MACRA dealt with at the group level.
• Some physicians have decided to manage the quality data and reporting on their own.
• Some physicians have decided to affiliate with an ACO, and participate in alternative payment models that would comply with the MACRA guidelines.

Options Available to Dr. Jane Doe

Dr. Doe has decided not to become employed by a larger group, so based on your research with the options to comply with MACRA (and the information listed above), you will determine that she only has 2 choices. Below, please list the options, and pros and cons to each.

Option 1:

Pros to option 1:

Cons to option 1:

Option 2:

Pros to option 2:

Cons to option 2:

Dr. Doe’s Proposed Strategy

Now Choose one of the options above as your recommendation:


Based on the Strategic Initiative that you chose, define a goal for the physician:


Based on the Goal that you chose, define at least 3 objectives:




Measurement Criteria: Below, list at least 3 measurement criteria.


Barriers and Constraints: Below, list at least 2 potential barriers and constraints.


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