Medievalism Braveheart and The Outlaw King The Kingdom of Heaven

The final paper will focus on Braveheart and The Outlaw King OR The Kingdom of Heaven (though other films assigned in class may be used and are encouraged to be used for this paper). The articles and books provided will help you answer the prompt.

Prompt: This paper is more open than previous papers but the central idea your paper must examine is what draws modern day filmmakers and audiences to the medieval world (with a focus on film) and WHY (don’t just say to entertain or make money; truly try to examine and analyze this draw). To help with this prompt, make sure to read the provided articles on medievalism. You can discuss one or multiple aspects that draw people to medieval-like films but you must discuss at least one specific theory as drawn from the assigned readings. Make sure to use essay format, with a thesis, a body of evidence drawn from the movies as well as your textbooks and articles, and a conclusion.

To achieve full points your paper must include:

One-inch margins, 12 font, a cover page, double spaced, and page numbers located in the upper right corner
FOUR to SIX pages (a FULL four pages, not 3 ½) – the six pages are not a limit, merely a suggestion
Be thesis driven
At least TWO outside academic works (books or journal articles that are academic in nature)
At least FOUR works assigned in class, either the books or articles assigned
A bibliography. Make sure you include the films in the bibliography
Use footnotes, NOT endnotes.
I would like the bibliography and Citations to be in Chicago style- use the following link to help with Chicago: (Links to an external site.). Use footnotes, not endnotes.

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