Model of Nursing Empowerment

Model of Nursing Empowerment

1. Construct your own model of nursing empowerment. Use Module 3 readings as well as additional articles on empowerment and the effects empowerment has on nurses/nursing practice. (Note the models pictured in some of these articles.)

2. In order to accomplish this assignment you will first need to:

Determine from each article, which constructs are the Independent Variables (those things that may cause a change) and which constructs are Dependent Variables (potential outcomes).
Create your own visual display of your model with Nursing Empowerment in the center. Picture your selection of IVs (causes of empowerment) to the left and DVs (potential outcomes or effects of your IVs) to the right of ‘Empowerment’.
Then add arrows in your model depicting which direction effects will flow. (You do not need to add statistical sizes of the effect)

3. Write a 3-4 page formal paper explaining your model. This paper needs to be referenced and in proper APA formatting (title page, abstract, table of contents, body of paper—with appropriate levels of section headings, and reference page).


4. Add your model as a proper APA formatted appendix to the paper.

This Assignment relates to Module 3 Objective: (1) Depict the relationships between concepts such as self-efficacy, staff development, autonomy of practice as well as other positive workplace initiatives and nursing empowerment.

The title page, abstract, appendix and table of contents are not part of the four papers.
Attached are the readings to be used for the paper

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