Negotiation Strategy Memo BATNA

Scenario BATNA
You are the HR Manager of a medium-sized, independently owned hardware and home improvement store. The CEO has confided to you that one of the suppliers of hand-held tools is about to increase their wholesale prices by 12%. The CEO considers this increase to be far too high and wants to negotiate a lower price increase that would be more advantageous for the company. The CEO has asked you to prepare a policy for negotiation in which you provide recommendations for an appropriate strategy to go into the negotiation process with the supplier.
-APA Format
-5 Scholarly Citations
Prepare a policy for negotiation to ensure ethical practices that:
Demonstrates the need to establish a decided outcome of the negotiation in advance.
Describes the steps of a negotiation strategy that reflect ethical values.
Provides suggestions for at least two BATNAs (best alternatives to a negotiated agreement) and why they are needed.
Provides attribution for credible sources used in the policy document. Sources must be properly documented according to APA guidelines.

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