Papers on the different imaging modalities MRI, NUCLEAR MEDICINE, & ULTRASOUND), are
required for graduation. For the writing thereof you may select any sources you wish: textbooks,
published articles, or journals from print, or accessed online. All sources must be identified, and
properly referenced by footnotes and credit given in the bibliography. For online sources it is
required that the dates of site access be indicated in the bibliography. For text sources exact
page numbers must be indicated in the bibliography. Any exact quotes from articles must be in
quotations and properly referenced to the bibliographic source.
The paper should be 5 to a maximum of 8 pages plus the bibliography, and will be due no later than 2 weeks following the completion of your rotation in the modality. Papers are to be typed
double spaced in 12 point font.
Each paper should have:
5 points—-An introduction asserting the subject you are about to address
25 points—A description of the imaging modality inclusive of: the equipment involved,
pharmaceutical agents used, preparations for studies, specificity and sensitivity for certain
diseases, and the advantages of the modality as compared to others.
15 points— Advancements in the modality since it came into use.
10 points— A conclusion
15 points— All sources used for the paper are properly cited, as in footnoted.
20 points— A summary statement of your observations while rotating in the modality, what you
learned about it, and the implications as regards your work as a future radiologic technologist.
10 points— A bibliography citing all references used in writing the paper.
All papers will be graded on completeness, inclusion of all aspects noted above, and overall
organization and presentation of the paper. The papers will each be counted as a written exam of
100 points. Any papers receiving a grade of less than 75 will be returned for re-writing.

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