Nutrition and Athletic Performance Research Topics

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You will create an 8-10-page document (2000-2500 words, not including title page or references) that will serve as the Final Draft of your Literature Review. It
should include the following sections:
Introduction to your topic and nutrition question
Body of the literature review
Answer to the Nutrition question
Identification of gaps in the research
Applications to practice
Please use APA format to reference 10 scholarly articles in this assignment (see Canvas for APA format links)
I. Introduction to Your Topic and Nutrition question
This section provides an introduction and to your topic and context for your nutrition question. Explain to the reader in concise and straightforward language the purpose of your literature review, and why nutrition question is important. Your goals are to provide the reader with the “big picture” context for your topic and state your nutrition question. After reading the introduction, it should be clear to the reader why your nutrition question is important (e.g., you addressed the question: why does this matter?) This section should be brief (2-3 paragraphs), move from broad to narrow (like an inverted pyramid), and cover the most important points. Be sure to include your nutrition question, and provide references to support statements made in this section.
II. Body of Literature Review
In the body of your literature review, you will review recent research that has been conducted and inform the reader of current literature on your topic. This is the part of your paper where you analyze and synthesize data from your primary research studies to allow you to address your nutrition question, identify
gaps in the literature, and provide meaning applications of the research to nutrition practice. It should encompass all relevant literature, including research that may supports or refute your beliefs. This section should be well-organized into themes and sub-themes (not by individual study/paper); it should have a logical flow and direction. Be sure to organize this section logically by theme/issue, not just simply as a recitation of individual study results in order, and
organize your themes by sub-headings. Briefly discuss the meaning of findings of relevant studies within the context of your nutrition question, and use good transition words and phrases to connect ideas between sentences and paragraphs.
III. Conclusion
Answer to the Nutrition question
At the end of your literature review section, summarize the research that has been conducted relevant to your nutrition question, and discuss the “answer” to
your nutrition question suggested by your review of the current literature. Your answer should be consistent with the literature you reviewed and should not come as a surprise to the reader.
Identification of the Research Gap(s)
Identify several gaps, concerns, or inconsistencies in the literature; That is, identify areas in which little to no work has been done, or where confusion exists. Suggest direction for future research. As with your answer to your nutrition question, the gaps you identify should be consistent with the literature you reviewed and should not come as a surprise to the reader.
Application to Practice
After identifying the gaps in the research, conclude your Literature Review by suggesting the practical applications of the research you’ve completed in thefield of nutrition.
Your assignment should be typed double-spaced in Times New Roman, Cambria or Arial, 12-point font, APA format. Papers should be no longer than ten (10) pages (not including the title page or reference page). In addition to the content sections listed above, you will also need to include:
Title Page
The title page must be formatted in APA 7th Ed. Please see example in Canvas Modules and attached to the assignment page in Canvas.
In-text Citations
For this assignment you must paraphrase at least ten (10) different pieces of primary research that have been published in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.
All references that are listed on the reference page must be cited in the text of your proposal and vice versa. Most of the articles you select, paraphrase, and
reference must be recent (published within the last 8 years).
Please DO NOT rely on other people’s literature reviews as references.
In the introduction, you may reference government or reputable NGO sources for statistics, etc. to give background on your topic and context for your nutrition question. For the body of the Literature Review, reference the results/findings of primary articles (i.e., what did the researchers study, what was their population, and what did they find?). Do not use any direct quotes for this assignment; paraphrase the authors’ ideas in your own words

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