Nutritional Implications of the Fad Diet

In this paper you will identify and research a fad diet. The diet must be considered a fad and not religious, cultural, or out of medical necessity.
All written assignments should be double-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font.
Using knowledge gained from this, and previous weeks of the course, you will be asked to answer the following questions under each topic area as you write your paper:

Origin of the Fad Diet
How an individual engages with food changes as a society’s view on that food changes. Therefore, it is critical to understand the origin of a diet in order to put its use into the appropriate context.

Answer the following questions:
• When was this diet created and by whom?
• Has society impacted this diet, or vice versa?

Nutritional Implications of the Diet
Each fad diet outlines what is and isn’t acceptable as a form of nutritional intake; however, the human body requires a balance of nutrients to remain healthy. As previously discussed in the course, the intake of nutrients at different stages in the life cycle can be critical to an individual’s health.

Consider the following questions:
• What nutrient/s is the diet limiting or providing in excess?
• What are the potential long and short-term health consequences of this diet?

Impact on the Culinary World
It is important for professionals in the food industry to be aware of changing societal views towards certain types of foods and how they are prepared. As the name implies, a fad diet is one that is relatively short in duration and is subject to both intense scrutiny and intense popularity simultaneously. Given the fleeting nature of both fads and culinary trends, what is the responsibility of the culinary professional?

Answer the following questions:
• Does the fad diet you selected still have a following today? Has it been replaced, or is it no longer relevant or accepted by society?
◦ Why or why not?
• Should restaurants accommodate the fad diet you selected, and other, fad diets?
◦ If so, would you recommend that a nutritionist be consulted prior implementation? Why or why not?

Your paper must meet the following criteria:
◦ Between 2 – 3 pages, double spaced.
◦ Double-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font.

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