Offshore oil drilling

You will write an 8-page, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch
margins, a policy brief on a current environmental issue. Please provide a cover page, which is not page 1 of the 8-page brief, and include page numbers.
You should have a minimum of 10 original sources cited in the text, as well as in the bibliography.
Wikipedia is not a source.
Citations: in the text, you choose the style.
provide history/background to the issue.
Discuss the various stakeholders that have been working on the issue THIS MEANS NAMING THEM – name and identify the actual companies ex: Exxon
Mobil, Be sure to include all of the angles and viewpoints of those stakeholders. (what do the environmentalists say, what do the cornucopians say about this
specific issue)
Note key already-established policies that are being used to address the problem, if applicable, as well as
being sure to highlight any new policy suggestions being made by any/all of the stakeholders.
After setting up the issue that you are investigating, and after providing thorough analysis of the politics, policies, and practicable approaches being used
and/or suggested to address the issue, please provide your assessment of what the “best” policy approach
would be to rectify the environmental challenge. It is your discretion to determine what “best” means. Essentially, you should explain why your approach is
superior to other approaches that are being considered/used. This is not solely an opinion piece. Use
evidence (e.g. science, economics) to support your decision. Also, keep in mind that policy is an ongoing process, meaning that you may suggest immediate
actions to take and you may also suggest what might need to be further investigated/considered. You
can have an action plan, so to speak, set to a timeline, if you’d like to do so.
Do NOT forget to include some possible ways to evaluate the progress of your policy approach.
An example of a paper outline might look like: (professor said to literally copy/paste this outline)
I. Environmental Issue
A. Define
B. History/Background
II. Stakeholder Groups
A. Environmentalists
B. Cornucopians
C. Other
III. Policy Approaches and Analysis
A. Current
B. Suggested/Alternatives
C. Your “Best” Approach
IV. Conclusion
Possible Issues to Research: you can choose a local, regional, national, or international
issue. Choose something that is of interest to you, and not necessarily something that is
easy to find lots of information on when writing a paper. Sometimes distilling a huge
quantity of information can prove to be very challenging when writing a focused research
paper. Examples: fracking, wind energy, nuclear waste, watershed management, coal-
fired electricity, mining, desertification, agricultural impacts on water quality, climate
change, recreation on public lands, urban growth, palm oil, cash crops, maquiladores,
international peace parks, and public transportation.
I chose offshore oil drilling but if there is another topic you’d enjoy researching more let me know i’m open to changing it.
Our textbook is The Environmental Case by layzer there is a free pdf online – Ch 11 is a case study on offshore oil drilling. Let me know if you have any
questions or need any more info

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