Opioid Use and Addiction

Activity #1

I. Choose a topic you want to research about throughout the semester and formulate its title.
Then, answer to the following questions:
1. How does this topic relate to past/present concerns in my life?
2. How does this subject relate to issues I have recently been studying or thinking about?

3. How might this subject be important to me in the future?
4. How can I use this subject to explore something that I want to know more about?

Activity #2
I. Watch the video and take notes.

II. Based on the topic chosen last week, complete some research and formulate the Introduction
section. Submit your post.
You may use the following format:

  • Hook:
  • Background Information:
  • Problem Statement:
  • Research Question:
  • Hypothesis:
  • Thesis Statement:

III. Read the posts submitted by two other classmates and provide meaningful feedback for

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