Organisational Change and Innovation

Your task is to identify a work-related problem that you are currently experiencing at work or by
choosing one from the list below.
You will need to develop new solutions by using techniques, concepts and theories discussed during
your classes.
Some suggestions include: “fishbone diagrams”, “how to statements” or “levels of abstraction”.
Some possible work problems:
1. How do you communicate effectively while maintaining social distance?
2. How to encourage people to recycle in their office?
3. How to improve overall workplace participation?
4. How to maintain workplace morale while “working from home”?
Page 2 Kaplan Business School Assessment Outline
Assessment Instructions
1. There are a wide variety of creativity quizzes and tests online, have a look and see what you
can find. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
a. Free online creativity test – TestMyCreativity (Week 1)
b. Test: What’s your creative style? | Psychologies (Week 1)
2. A “Genius Hour” will be conducted in-class. The genius hour will facilitate the sharing of ideas
in-class. What will be your approach? Your creativity test results, your fears, passions, ideas
etc. Some tools you can use include (but not limited to) Brainstorming, Mind Mapping,
Storyboarding or Visualisation (Week 3/4).
3. Every week try to create and add a “creativity pool” (Weeks 1 to 4). During these classes you
will be given some tools to facilitate your creative thinking. You may also want to do some
further individual research and use any tool you like such as Synectic Pinball Machine, Six
Thinking Hats or Checklists.
4. Write an individual reflective essay about your creative journey. Make sure you include all the
theory, concepts, tools that you have used. Do not forget to integrate theoretical concepts and
refer to at least 4 academic references to support your ideas.
Please refer to the Assessment Marking Guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.
Follow the Assessment Marking Guide

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