Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment
This is an individual assignment. The main point is to describe and assess a social service organization. Assess the tax-exempt status, funding streams, leadership, and diversity. Apply critical knowledge of the Nonprofit Industrial Complex( see Video below for example). If the organization is lacking any of these areas, discuss why and what is needed to appropriate the funding for their success in working with the population they serve( in other words how are they funded and how is it measured if they are really using the funds appropriately).

Resources structure/overview/main
Presentation on Non-Profit Industrial Complex (NPIC)

Organization Assessment Tutorial
Video: What is NPIC

Reflect: Complete a 4-5 page APA 7th edition paper researching an Organization within the community promoting civil enhancement and advocacy.
Describe your organization? location, services, funding, diversity, leadership
How is your organization like a Non-Profit Industrial Complex (NPIC)?
What is your greatest takeaway?

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