Organizational Change Report Outline

The written report should include the following:
1. Executive Summary [8 Marks]
2. Introduction of the Chosen Organization and background to change [7 Marks]
3. Examine the need for change in the organization. Assess the factors that drive the need for strategic change and critically evaluate the resource implications for not responding to these changes. [25 Marks]
4. Explain any two change management models and evaluate the relevance of these models in the chosen organization. [10 Marks]
5. Describe any three major types of changes in the chosen organization and evaluate its implications on organizational performance. [10 Marks]
6. Investigate the barriers to change during the changes in point 5, and explain how did the chosen organization overcome those barriers? [10 Marks]
7. What measures did the leader take for a smooth change process in point 5? Critically, evaluate the decisions taken by the leader in the chosen organization. [10 Marks]
8. Develop a change management strategy involving the stakeholders for the benefit of your selected organization, and also devise strategies to overcome resistance. [10 Marks]
9. Conclusions and recommendations. [10 Marks]

References (Adhering to Harvard Referencing Format)

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