Pathophysiology of the disease signs and symptoms

You will be creating a brochure that will be hypothetically available in a hospital waiting lobby. You will be discussing the pathophysiology of the disease, signs and symptoms to look out for and potential treatments. This is your opportunity to create an informative piece of information used to educate patients. In many health care facilities, nurses are expected to have short teaching sessions for their peers as well as educating their patients and community. This is a great way to be creative when educating and discussing a disease process. You can make your brochures colorful with pictures, descriptive and very informative with text and images. The brochure needs to be one sheet of paper (you can use legal size paper if you wish) as long as it can be folded up with a front section, middle section and references at the end, with a total of 6 columns. Creating several columns can help visually lay out your ideas. Think about the average non-medical lay person coming to see a specialist and waiting in the patient lobby. Imagine that they pick up your brochure to read about the new diagnosis that they have. What do you think is important for them to know? What would you want your loved ones to know if they just received the same diagnosis? Keep in mind that the average American has a 5th grade reading level and can lose interest within the first few seconds they start reading your brochure. The only exception to this is under the patho section which should be rich in content.

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