Patient Fall Protection Plan

Patient Fall Protection Plan

This assignment requires you to write a fall protection plan.

Given Conditions:
Your role is a safety professional (safety manager or other similar title) working for a commercial contractor, R & R Industrial.

The prime/controlling employer (general contractor and/or GC) has hired your company for renovation work on a large office building.

The GC requires that your company provide a fall protection plan for the job prior to the start of the job. The GC requires that your fall protection plan (at a minimum) comply with OSHA standards at Subpart M.

a. The only type of work your company will be involved is the removal of old paint via abrasive blasting.
b. Your employees will be exposed to falls ranging from 6 to 75 feet.
c. Your fall protection plan must address potential fall hazards that require the use of personal fall arrest systems (PFAS).
d. Fall restraint systems will not be available.
e. Your employees will not be using ladders, scaffolds, or any type of mechanical lift.
f. Guardrails and safety nets will not be available.
g. Access to work areas will be provided via temporary stairs which are the responsibility of the GC and do not need to be addressed in your company’s fall protection plan.

Key Elements of Your Plan
1. PFAS equipment provisions
2. Training provisions
3. Rescue provisions
4. Other miscellaneous provisions

1. Use OSHA’s sample plan: You will have to tailor the OSHA sample plan substantially according to the Given Conditions above.
2. Include Key Elements listed above in your Plan.
3. Follow Parameters listed below.


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