Personality Psychology Essay Help

This assignment is designed to help you show your knowledge and ability to apply different
perspectives in personality psychology to either a case or to a subject of your choice. Make sure
your topic has been approved by me before you begin.
Using either yourself, a person from history, or a fictional character as a case, please write a case
using the guidelines. The page lengths in the parentheses are suggestions only. You may need
more on some of these sections and less on others:
Per the syllabus, the final paper must be:
• Roughly 6-8 pages (Not including cover page and reference section)
• Double spaced, size 12 times new roman font, normal margins,
• Formatted in APA style and Properly Cited. (You do not need an abstract section, but
make sure you have everything else)
• Divided into sections such as the ones below
• Have 3-4 scholarly sources MINIMUM that are not from the book. (you can use the book
as well, but it will not count as one of your sources)
• Proper spelling and grammar
• Submitted through Blackboard in a Microsoft Word document or a PDF.

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