Persuasive Review Paper Strategic Management

The paper is a persuasive review paper about Strategic Management written in APA Format. The paper must be a critical analysis, and why Strategic Management is best to resolve a management situation in aviation management. The critical analysis of strategic management must identify its particular strengths and recommend its application to an aviation management situation. The literature review portion of the paper should focus on discussing the management concept only. In conclusion, you will discuss how the management concept can be applied in aviation management.
For the structure of the paper it must contain:
An abstract with
One sentence describing the topic of the paper.
One sentence describing the purpose and scope of the paper
One sentence describing the sources used (nonspecific, generic in nature, i.e., published literature).
One sentence describing the paper’s conclusion.
An introduction that consists of no more than one paragraph.
A body or literature review consisting of at least four double-spaced typed pages. This is where the topic is reviewed. The literature review body should focus on discussing and defining strategic management. You should use very few, if any, quotes.
A conclusion or recommendation that is a minimum of one double-spaced typed page. What can be concluded or implied from the information in the literature review? The conclusion or recommendation should discuss how the management theory, concept, or practice can be applied in aviation management. Do not use the first or second person (I, you, we, etc.). Write only in the third person (professional, not personal).
For reference use these:

Strategic Management Process: What Is It?
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