Policies that fall under dollarization

Detailed Topic: Define and discuss the policies that fall under “dollarization.” Discuss some examples of countries that have dollarized. Has it been beneficial? What are the mechanics of dollarization? Discuss the “de-dollarization” that is occurring in Peru.
If the writer wants to choose or change the topic, they can choose from the following topics:
a.) Choose several global companies and compare how they hedge currency risk.
b.) Which countries are the most competitive in the global economy? Which are the least competitive? How do countries at the bottom move up to the middle ranking?
c.) What are the key indicators of a currency/sovereign debt/banking crisis? Which countries are most vulnerable to a crisis?
d.) What are the economic growth prospects for Africa?
e.) Will the new regulations affecting large global banks (Basel III) prevent another global financial crisis, or will they just drain banks of profits?
f.) Discuss the logic behind currency carry trades, and, using Bloomberg, analyze a couple current opportunities.
g.) Define the attributes of an Optimum Currency Area and determine if the Eurozone is one.
h.) Compare capital structures of companies in the same global industry across countries. Pick a couple industries and several companies from each industry.
i.) Discuss microfinance and how it might be used to diminish poverty in the developing world. Emphasize actual transactions and policies that have been implemented.
j.) The “shadow” banking system: its significance for global finance and the challenges faced by regulators.
k.) Analyze the effect of trade on real economic growth in both developed and emerging countries. Who are the winners and losers as trade volumes increase and decrease?
l.) Can cryptocurrencies be a socially useful financial tool, especially in developing countries that have little commercial banking infrastructure? What
positive role can governments/central banks play as regulators of cryptos?
m.) Demographics and investing. What are the implications of aging populations for global equity market returns? What countries are more vulnerable and less vulnerable to the effects of population aging?
n.) Analyze using data the importance of sovereign wealth funds in global markets.
o.) Is the world on the edge of a deflationary time? How should central banks and national governments respond?
p.) Analyze the many demonetization programs that have been implemented by both advanced and developing countries. Were the goals of demonetization achieved?

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