Principles of green chemistry

Principles of green chemistry

This week’s discussion will focus on the principles of green chemistry.

In the pharmaceutical and material industry, there is often a multi step process to synthesize a product to be sold. Depending on how many steps there are and how efficient each step is will determine what kind of overall yield the process has. In efforts to improve efficiency and reduce waste, often companies will work on “greening” their processes.

For the discussion, research and read about Green Chemistry principles and discuss some real world examples. Read about the 12 principles of green chemistry from this website.

Initial Post:

For your initial post, pick one of the 12 principles of green chemistry. Put it in your subject heading. Try to pick a different principle than most other students. If all the principles are chosen, you may repeat one, but try to focus your post in a new direction.

Explain the principle in detail. How does it apply to the material we have covered so far in this course? (Hint: some principles may be better applied to the lab portion of the course.) Give at least one specific example of how this principle is used in industry. How does the principle you chose affect the percent yield of the reaction (generally)? Explain.

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