Production and Operations Management Project

The objective of the project is to enhance your learning of the material in this course by applying
theories, concepts, and tools learned in class to a realistic business case.
Please use MS Word to develop your report. Be sure to read the project description (objectives and
perspective) include at the end of the syllabus and follow the guidelines and instructions given. A
good project report must include the following details/sections. Please note that your report will
be graded using the rubrics appearing at the end of this document.
1) Executive Summary: provides a brief summary of the project highlighting key points and
strengths included in the report. Such as, your product/service; organization type; scale of
operations in terms of volume and financial outlay; regional, national, international reach;
supply chain and logistics, key advantages over the competition and any significant specialties.
2) Sections: Include all sections as listed in the project description document, such as.
a) Mission Statement
b) Strategy
c) Environmental scanning
d) Detailed description of the product
e) Quality management
f) Forecasting
g) Operations planning
h) Location Consideration
i) Manufacturing
j) Facility Layout (diagram as attachment)
k) Just-in-time
l) Other pertinent details not included above
3) References (sources used/cited in the report)
4) All appendices – charts- tables –images (not included in the main body of the report –
please do not duplicate the material already included in the main body of the report).
The report format must adhere to the following guidelines:
a. Report must include a title page and table of contents.
b. Report must not exceed fifteen (15) pages, including the title page, and table of contents
excluding any appendices.
c. Pages must be standard 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper. Use Times New Roman font of 12-point size
d. Follow APA Guidelines for formatting the report and citing references.
e. You may use single, one and a half, or double-spaced format to suit your content.
f. Report format must follow the same sequence of sections shown above. If information is
not available or a particular section is not applicable to your product/service, including a
statement to that effect in the report.
g. Creativity through design and use of pertinent value-adding, meaningful graphics is

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