Psychological effects of adoption on children

Develop a well-researched and well-written literature review paper. The idea of the paper is to see how one specific topic can be examined through many different psychological ‘lenses.’ The paper should be at least 20 pages (excluding title page or reference pages, double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins all around). Use an APA style title page, in-text citations, and reference pages. NO QUOTES are allowed!! Write everything in your own words. Your goal is to write a chapter in a book. The book’s title is “YOUR SUBJECT.” Your chapter’s title is some version of “YOUR SUBJECT and Psychology.” For example, if you are interested in why some people have more difficulty in close relationships than others do, your book’s title might be “Close Relationships.” Your chapter would be called “Close Relationships and Psychology.” (Feel free to get creative, though.) Your Final Paper will have the following organization (but NOT these titles): Part I: Orientation/Introduction. Here’s where you’ll describe your topic, and why I should anyone care about it.
This should be motivating and engaging. What’s so interesting about your topic? What does this have to do with life? Why does it matter? Include a ‘thesis statement.’ This should be about two pages long. Develop your thoughts. Part II: Biopsychology- 3 Articles that address your topic. Explain what they found. Map it on to the topic so that I can see how that area explains the dynamics of your topic. for each section. Part III: Cognitive Psychology- 3 Articles Part IV:
Sensation and Perception Psychology- 3 Articles Part V: Development child psychology-3 Articles Part VI: Social Psychology- 3 Articles Part VII: Personality
sychology- 3 Articles Part VIII: Discussion/Synthesis and future directions. Here, you will present. An overview of what you have found — a “big picture” of what you’ve learned. Pull everything together. For example, it would be appropriate to point out how one subfield supports another in their findings, or how one research project informs the theory in another. I want to see how red + blue + yellow = brown here. I also want to know where you see research on this topic going in the future; for example, do you think more biopsychological research would be informative? Are there areas in a particular subfield that could stand more research? Would a social-cognitive approach be appropriate? Write a summation that is good, argumentative and informative.
**This paper should include more information about how the articles tie into the topic and thesis statement**** The articles should have more context in the paper****

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