Psychology of cyber stalking and laws of cyber stalking

Cyber stalking
A 10pg paper single spaced.
Paper is for a class that is on Law + Psychology.
Give a thorough explanation and review of Cyber stalking.
Research the updated Psychology literature on the topic from scholarly Journals.
Research the current laws on the topic from a reputable law search engine such as Westlaw or Lexis.
Give all the details on the laws of the topic. What would be allowed according to law. When would one be incarcerated for cyber stalking etc. What forms of
cyber stalking is allowed? Add any interesting facts that one may want to know about cyber stalking.
Let us understand the Psychology of cyber stalking and mix it in with the laws of cyber stalking.
• Use Subject Headings to provide for ease of reading and understanding
• For citations:
A) legal — use legal citation format (use the Blue Book for accuracy, available in the library
and online) You may use footnotes or endnotes.
B) psychological – use APA citation format
• Grades are based off on your thoroughness of the research, and your clear
understanding and presentation of your topic.

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