Public Health Policy Paper

You are the senior health policy advisor for Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD). Gov. Hogan was recently re-elected in Maryland, even though the state is dominated by Democrats in other areas. Gov. Hogan is term-limited, so he cannot run again for office. He has asked you to identify a health policy topic and recommendation that will help him cement his health care legacy in Maryland and will position him well if he decides to run for another political office. Your policy analysis must follow the format discussed in class. You must consider at least three options to address the health care issue of your choice and recommend one of them for your client to focus on as a priority policy.


The following topics are off-limits: obesity, ER issues, and repeal of the ACA.


Make sure to indicate which criteria you are using for your options analysis before discussing your options.  Your paper should be no longer than five double-spaced pages, using 12 point Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins.  Endnotes or a reference page at the end of your analysis is not included in the five-page limit. If you so desire you may also include a side-by-side table, which will not count against the five-page limit.


You may use whatever citation style you prefer but it must be consistent and include all necessary information. For readability, I prefer a format with endnotes (such as AMA or Chicago)instead of a format with in-line citations (such as APA) but you may use whatever you are most comfortable with.


Please review the policies regarding late papers, computer failures, and the academic integrity code regarding plagiarism, which may be found in your syllabus.


Your paper will be assessed based on adherence to the required elements, writing style, cohesiveness, grammar, spelling, and inclusion of proper citations.  My grading rubric is available on blackboard for your review.








Grading rubric

Policy Analysis Grading Rubric





Problem Statement

Key issues: proper focus, fit with analysis, proper wording






Key issues: necessary information, no extraneous information, accurate, tone









Key issues: include all key stakeholders, identify stakeholder views, proper format and tone










Key issues: appropriate criteria, address problem statement, varied, within power of stakeholder, assess pros and cons, needed information in background and landscape














Key issues: address problem statement, choice explained, only one option chosen









Writing/Other comments

Key issues: grammar, spelling, citations, clear and concise writing, appropriate format. Other comments


















Grade: ____________





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