Qatar Tourism Industry and FIFA World Cup 2022

In this essay, you are asked to reflect on a specific project (real or proposed) in the context of your employing organization in Qatar.

In detail, as the newly appointed Director of Operations, you are asked to evaluate critically this project with the operations strategy.

Based on Chapter Two ‘Operations and strategic impact’, your essay should ascertain the following four perspectives:

• Does the operations strategy reflect the business strategy (top down)?
• Does the operations strategy align with market requirement?
• Does the operations strategy learn from operational experience?
• Does the operations strategy develop the capability of its resource and process (inside out)?

• Is reconciling the four perspectives possible?

Introduction about your chosen organization – the business it is in, and which if it is a large organization pick out the part that you wish to concentrate on. This may well be your own department or section. Comment on what you are being asked to do and how you intend to go about it. (This is called the general to the specific.) (100 words)

Insert the Top down etc. model to show in overview.

Apply each of the four perspectives . Paraphrase the questions but no need to write them out. E.g. In looking to see if the operations strategy reflects the business this part of the paper will look at …(4 x 150 words)

Discuss if and how the four perspectives can be reconciled. (100 words)

Reference (in Harvard) list does not count in your word count.

In addition, it will be important to discuss if these four perspectives of operations strategy
can be fully reconciled.

In your answer, please address the integration of this project to operations management and to delivering strategic impact.

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