Qualitative Critique Homework Help

DirectionsSubmit an APA paper (title page, body of text, reference page) using the information provided in your book and outside resources to apply knowledge learned by critiquing the article provided. Address each of the critique questions. Support your critique with references, which support your decisions.  Support your critique with references from our course readings or other readings about qualitative research, which support your decisions.  I anticipate at 4-6 references at minimum and each answer should have references/sources to support your answers.

Points:  Five (5) points of each questions will be for the correct application of concepts with appropriate references to support the concepts and critique. Five (5) points of each question will be assigned to appropriateness of the critique of the article. Up to 5 points may be ducted for APA and/or Grammar issues.


  1. (10 pt. 5 support/5 critique) Introduction: Critique the beginning of the article in reference to how well the author makes the case for the significance of the issue, presents the background and problem (what is the problem? and what is the “problem” identified by these authors?), and clarity of purpose (what is the purpose? and what was the purpose of this study?).
  2. (10 pt. 5 support/5 critique) Applying what you have learned about a review of the literature by addressing whether the review of the literature in this article adequately supports a need for the research study, addresses all relevant concepts to be studied and meets RoL criteria ?
  3. (10 pt. 5 support/5 critique) Apply what you have read in class content to discuss the central concept/phenomenon being explored related to the purpose of this research and appropriateness of the research tradition Include information about the philosophical underpinning of this research tradition and how it is or is not appropriate for the concept under study.
  4. (10 pt. 5 support/5 critique) Discuss the participants in this study including how the study participants were chosen, such as recruitment methods, inclusion criteria, means used by the researcher to protect these human subjects.
  5. (10/ 5 support/5 critique) What was the sample size? Was this adequate and how did the researcher determine adequacy of the sample size – support the appropriateness of this method with your readings or other sources.
  6. (10 pt. 5 support/5 critique) What type of data was collected and what was the site of data collection? Did this method and location/s enhance trustworthiness?
  7. (10 pt. 5 support/5 critique) How did the researcher/s analysis the data? Did they follow a specific method – discuss whose method and how this method was or was not appropriate for this phenomenon and research purpose.
  8. (10 pt. 5 support/5 critique) Discuss the concept of “trustworthiness”. Describe methods the researchers made explicit which enhance the trustworthiness of the findings of this research.
  9. (10 pt. 5 support/5 critique) Specifically include critique related to researcher bias. Why is researcher bias such an important issue for a qualitative researcher to control? Identify any additional methods that the researcher/s could have used to enhance trustworthiness.
  10. (10 pt. 5 support/5 critique) How useful (if you worked in this area) is this research to your clinical practice? How can qualitative research in general benefit nursing practice? What would be the issue with a nurse relying predominately on qualitative research and what would be the issue with never including any qualitative studies in your practice? Support your answer with sources from readings. Your opinion, but based on expert sources and readings!

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