Quality assurance through tracking outcomes and analyzing the data

Imagine you are being considered for a managerial position at a local health care facility. Due to scheduling, your interview will take place over a video call and the health care facility team members for the interview sent you the major interview prompts ahead of time for you to prepare. The job description emphasizes the need for quality assurance through tracking outcomes and analyzing the data, so a significant component of your interview will be describing the process of tracking outcomes and improving quality and safety.
Preparing for the Assignment:
Many businesspeople use Microsoft® Excel® to plan, track, filter, and analyze data in their work environment. As you prepare for this mock interview, consider watching the LinkedIn Learning® videos on Excel, “Excel Essential Training” and “Excel Quick Tips,” located in this week’s Learning Activities folder for an introduction to or refresher on using Microsoft Excel for this purpose.
Assignment Directions:
Download and complete the Summative Assessment: Outcomes and Quality Worksheet.

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