Quality Control and Reliability Project

1. All projects are group projects conducted by student teams.

2. If you do not make your own team, you will be assigned to a project team by the instructor. Please check the course Moodle site for announcement later.

3. Each team identifies a proper project, preferably related to a practical application in

a. Manufacturing systems such as machining, assembly, packaging, and others; or
b. Service systems such as transportation, health service, food service, and others

4. Perform system analysis for the purposes of quality control and quality improvement using statistical quality control and reliability analysis tools discussed in class, including:

a. data analysis
b. statistical inferences
c. different quality control charts
d. capability analysis
e. sampling process
f. reliability analysis, and/or
g. combinations of some of the above tools.

5. Other suitable tools for quality control and improvement not covered in this course may be used in the project.

6. Data collection may be related to the measurements of physical items, targeted service time or other measurements. Data collected in lab experiments of other courses can be used.

7. Alternatively, your group may use the above-mentioned statistical and quality control methods to make comprehensive analysis on Covid-19 data published by different health authorities, such as WHO, Health Canada, Santé Québec, etc. in completing the project.

8. The project should be “open-ended” considering various relevant scenarios.

9. The report should have 15 to 20 pages. It should be in the format of an engineering report and may include:

a. Abstract or Executive Summary
b. Introduction
c. Problem description
d. Data collection and analysis
e. SPC tools
f. Results and analysis
g. Conclusions or Concluding Remarks
h. References

10. Each project report may contain one page of explanations on contributions made by individual team members. This page, if presented, should be signed by all team members.

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