RCA and FMEA In Hospital

After Mr. B’s assessment is completed, Nurse J informs Dr. T, the ED physician, of admission findings, and Dr.
T proceeds to examine Mr. B. Staffing on this day consists of two nurses (one RN and one LPN), one secretary, and one emergency
department physician. Respiratory therapy is in-house and available as needed. At the time of Mr. B’s arrival,
the ED staff is caring for two other patients. One patient is a 43-year-old female complaining of a throbbing
headache. The patient rates current pain at 4 out of 10 on numerical verbal pain scale. The patient states that
she has a history of migraines, She received treatment, remains stable, and discharge is pending. The second
patient is an eight-year-old boy being evaluated for possible appendicitis. Laboratory results are pending for
this patient. Both of these patients were examined, evaluated, and cared for by Dr. T and are awaiting further
treatment or orders

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