Research Critique Analysis Paper

Times New Roman Font, 12 Point
no bolding or underline.
Page numbers in upper right hand corner of each page.
APA format
Research is within the added file.
Must write the questions below in the paper then answer the questions after typing them.
The critiques must address the following issues/questions:
Background and Significance
1. What was the purpose of the article?
2. What were the hypotheses tested?
3. What was the theory for making predictions?
Analyses (for all experiments reported in the article)
4. What statistical tests were performed?
5. What variables were analyzed?
a. If a correlation coefficient was computed, what variables were correlated?
b. If an ANOVA or a t-test was computed, what were the independent variables and
what were the dependent variables?
Experimental Design (for all experiments reported in the article)
6. What experimental design was used (Between, Within, or Mixed)? How do you know?
7. Was the study a true experiment (Yes or No)? How do you know?
8. What was the outcome of the statistical tests with respect to the hypotheses tested?
9. Were the results consistent or inconsistent with the authors’ predictions?
10. Do you believe the findings are universal? Explain. Consider the following:
a. Do the findings depend on basic cognitive processes that characterize the cognitive
system of all humans, regardless of time and place?
b. Do the findings depend on culture-specific knowledge that would differ from one
culture to another?

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